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Editing Positions

Legal Editor

Legal Editors are responsible for creating or updating municipal codes with current legislation.

No positions currently available for legal editor at this time

Legal Reviewer

Attorney or paralegal to conduct legal reviews of municipal code documents and prepare written reports indicating the following:

* Internal discrepancies such as duplication, ambiguities, and obsolete terminology.
* Repealed, renumbered, or obsolete state and federal statutory citations;
* Apparent conflicts with prominent federal case law;
* Suggest deleting old provisions which are no longer necessary.

Requires being in our Cincinnati office 5 days per week. Training provided for this non-traditional legal career.

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Sales positions

Sales representative to municipal and county governments, providing proposals for ordinance codification services and attending trade shows. Includes some travel.

No positions currently open but if you're a salesperson or professional codifier in search of a new opportunity we'd love to hear from you. Email

Administrative positions

Various positions including accounting department and customer service department.

Customer Service position
Assist in existing client maintenance, involving receipt of documents from clients via email, saving and documenting the materials, and processing work orders. NOW HIRING

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