Keeping Information Searchable and Updated

Most zoning ordinances or zoning codes provide a lot of information and specifications and are often the most complex part of any municipal code or codified law. Many of these zoning ordinances include color graphics, tables, charts, maps, and photographs.

Even the name of these types of codes adds complexity: Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Code, Unified Development Code, Unified Development Ordinance -no matter what your municipality calls these, American Legal has the capabilities to meet your standards and code requirements.

Keeping your zoning ordinance materials updated as revisions are made, new districts are added or consolidated, or zoning maps are updated can be a challenging endeavor. Let American Legal help you.

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Form-Based Codes and Traditional Codes

We can work with a form-based code (often created by a third-party using Adobe Indesign or Word) or traditional zoning code, drafted by the local planning and zoning department and passed as a zoning ordinance by a municipality.

Codifying zoning laws as a separate volume or as part of the Code of Ordinance allows for future changes to be incorporated easily without the need for reprinting the entire document.

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Color Graphics and Large Tables

We can accept zoning ordinances from municipalities in Word, PDF and InDesign. Our online codes provide inline color graphics and large tables with additional links to PDF versions for easy printing.

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