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Supplementation is the process that incorporates new legislation into your existing code or codified laws.

Providing your municipal or county staff and the public with accurate and timely information is critical.  When new legislation is passed, it’s important to update your Code of Ordinances to reflect the most recent changes.

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America Legal Codification Services

American Legal’s experienced supplement editors will:

  • Incorporate new legislation into your existing codified laws
  • Provide hard copy pages to incorporate into your codified law book
  • Update your code online

America Legal Codification Services

When to Supplement?

How often your code is supplemented is entirely up to you. You have the flexibility to supplement on an as-needed basis. Or, you can supplement on a regular schedule, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  Many clients have us update the online version as new ordinances are adopted.

Not sure you can afford to supplement? American Legal Publishing provides cost estimates after reviewing legislation to determine what changes are being made to the code.

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America Legal Codification Services

How long does the process take?

Most supplements can be completed within 45-60 days after being authorized. For clients who may have a large collection of materials, or who have materials of a lengthy nature such as a new or heavily modified zoning code, the turn around period can take longer.

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America Legal Codification Services


Additionally, clients who opt to review a draft, will receive it electronically but should expect the review to add more time. Municipal clients are typically allocated two weeks to review the draft.

Just like in the codification process, communication is key. For codes that are also hosted online by American Legal, changes under review will not be posted until the review period is over and/or feedback is provided.

America Legal Codification Services

When to Re-Codify and When to Supplement?

Re-Codification is best when your code has not been reviewed for a length of time and has many new additions and changes.

Supplementation is best for additions and changes to regularly updated codified laws.

In beginning your partnership with American Legal, new clients can choose to recodify their current published laws, or we can work with your existing code using the existing style, organization, and numbering system and take over the supplementation or updating of your code.

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America Legal Codification Services

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