Putting your minutes online is easy and cost-efficient. Our program provides full-text storage with instant access and quick and easy searches for any word, phrase, name, or number that appears in your minutes. You can search, view, download, and print information from online anytime, 24/7! No new software or hardware required!

Update minutes after each meeting or on a set schedule throughout the year.

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Let American Legal help you provide fast and full access to your meeting minutes and agendas online. Minutes are arranged in chronological order, by year. This provides your community an easy way to review minutes from a local council meeting.

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Minutes can be customized to show Agenda items or specify the type of meeting that was conducted (regular meeting, budget meeting, special session, workshop session).

Minutes can be hosted in native PDF documents, Word documents converted to PDF, or through text converted to HTML.

Want your Agenda documents hosted separate from your Minutes? American Legal Publishing can do that!

Want your Agenda and Minutes documents combined into one file? Send them to American Legal Publishing to consolidate and host online.

See for yourself:

Charlotte, NC Meeting Minutes

City population 850,000

Southern Pines, NC Meeting Minutes

Current from 1887!

Town population 12,500

Robert's Rules Of Order title page

How To Take Meeting Minutes

Not sure how to run a meeting for your local council, board, association or organization meeting? Check out Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised 12th Edition - the recognized guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings.

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