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Notification Alerts

Use the free My Account feature to follow codes and be alerted when updates are made. Receive emails automatically when codes you follow are updated. Notification alerts can be tailored to the material you follow, from an entire code, to just a specific section of the code. Toggle the Bell icon on or off to follow a code.


This feature is only available to users with a free My Account. Users who are logged in to their account can toggle on/off the annotation feature. A small note icon appears next to each code paragraph or title when toggled on. Textual notes can be saved in the pop-up note, or add multiple notes per location if needed.


Frequently need to reference a municipal code provision? Set a bookmark to the Title, Chapter, or Section of a code and use your free My Account for quick reference, or copy the URL and save it in your browser’s favorites list.

Saved Searches

Saved searches allow you to conduct a search and save the preset requirements as a managed search. If your search is specific to a code or even a section of a code, or if it involves a specific phrase, rather than re-run the search each time, set it up once and then use your free My Account for a list of saved searches, or use the drop-down menu under the Advanced Filters to access a saved search.

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Further Features

Auto-Device Recognition

  • Automatically sized to fit the screen size of your mobile, tablet, or computer

Multiple Search Formats

  • Quick Search Box
  • Advanced Search Filters, including Boolean Search
  • Search by Document Relevance or Document Order

Automatic Stem Searches (finds plurals of words)

  • Dog finds dog and dogs
  • Fence finds fence, fences, fencing and fenced

Synonym Searches

  • Grass finds grass, turf, lawn
  • Garbage finds garbage, litter, trash, rubbish

Continuous Next Hits

  • Navigate through all hits without having to go back to the Results List for each chapter

Electronic Format

  • Online document flows uninterrupted; no page breaks or page numbers to interrupt the text
  • Download or Email text in 6 different format types including RTF and PDF
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Expandable Table of Contents

  • View and navigate the TOC while also viewing code text

Cross-References Hyperlinked

  • Cross-references to other sections, including penalty references are hyperlinked
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Optional Online Services

Archive Code Versions

  • View prior code versions
  • Compare current and older versions to see changes

Color Graphics

  • Yes – if provided in color by the City

Scrolling Tables

  • Table header row remains stationary while table scrolls

Definition Links

  • Defined terms in the code are set with pop-up definitions

New Ordinances History Links

  • As new ordinances are added to the code section history list, links to the original ordinance can be set

Advance Legislation Notice

  • List of Ordinances not yet codified within the code; Link to full PDF of ordinances

Custom Logo

  • Seal or logo posted on code library

Online Help Features

  • Use online help features or contact technical service via email or toll-free phone number
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FREE Code Library Account

You can create a personal, private account to store search information, any bookmarks under “My Account.”

Use our free My Account feature to customize your experience: from saving frequent searches, to bookmarking material you need to access frequently, or following codes to receive notifications when updates are published.

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