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Online Publishing

Many municipalities rely on online publishing as the best way to keep their municipal codes current and easily available to their communities.

Here’s why:

Online publishing provides immediate access to information with easy search navigation and the ability to save, print, and send information. We have online solutions for your local government.

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Why Online?

Online publishing provides:

•    Easy way to maintain up-to-date code information

•    Links to ordinances, resolutions, meeting minutes for quick reference

•    Links to maps and large tables for easy viewing

•    Links of defined terms

•    Links to outside sources

•    Viewing of color illustrations and photos in codes

•    Text flows uninterrupted; no page breaks or page numbers interrupt the text

•    Free access to more than 1,900 municipal codes in the library

Easy Customization

Upon request we can add custom color and artwork to your code, including municipal seals, logos and banners.

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America Legal Codification Services

Our Code Library

Take a look at our Code Library of more than 1,900 codes and see how easy it is to navigate through a code online.


Easily search an entire code, sections of code, or any selection of codes featured in the Code Library

• Compare different codes, and save, print, annotate, and email search results

• Auto-responsive display (screen size adjusts to fit the size of your device)

Code Comparison

Municipalities can opt for an additional service that provides access to prior versions of a code in the code library for quick, easy reference. The availability of this information is indicated in a drop-down menu above the Table of Contents on the overview page for the code. When prior code versions are available, users can compare code versions to see where/what changes were made by clicking the toggle arrow icon. Changes between the two codes will be highlighted in the document frame throughout the code.

America Legal Codification Services

Online Meeting Minutes

You can provide fast and full access to your meeting minutes online. Quick search features make it easy to find information from your entire library of minutes in an instant. You can search, view and print information from the online file anytime! Find out more here.

Learn More:

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Policies

American Legal can also help communities host full ordinances, resolutions, policies, and other important information online to keep the public informed with the latest news and regulations.

For example:

Reading, PA (Ordinance/Resolution Database, arranged in categories)

Winnetka, IL (Ordinance/Resolution Databases. Ordinances and Resolutions are separated and appear in chronological order)

San Diego County (Board Policies)

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America Legal Codification Services

FREE Code Library Account

You can create a personal, private account to store search information, any bookmarks under “My Account”

Use our free My Account feature to customize your experience: from saving frequent searches, to bookmarking material you need to access frequently, or following codes to receive notifications when updates are published.

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