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American Legal provides a full range of codification services to local governments, including ordinance codification and re-codification, code supplementation, legal reviews, and mobile-friendly online code publishing and meeting minutes solutions to municipalities and counties of all sizes.

As America’s leader in codification services for more than 80 years, our team of experts will answer all your codification questions and find solutions that best suit your needs and budget.

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We combine needs-based solutions with budget-based costs.

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Online solutions

Let American Legal help you provide fast and full access to your municipal documents online. You can search, view and print information from the online file anytime! It’s the perfect solution for communities of any size.

Codified Laws (Codes of Ordinance)

Search our entire Code Library of more than 1900 municipalities.

Meeting Minutes

Keeping your minutes online is easy and cost-efficient. Our powerful solution provides full-text storage with instant access and quick searches for any word, phrase, name, or number that appears in your minutes. No new software or hardware required!

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Policies

American Legal can also help communities host full ordinances, resolutions, policies, and other important information online to keep the public informed with the latest news and regulations. Let us help you put your ordinances, resolutions, or other municipal documents online!

Check out the codification and additional services menu below to see how we can help you.

Zoning Codes and Unified Development Codes

We can work with a form-based code (often created by a third-party using Adobe Indesign or Word) or a traditional zoning code, drafted by the local planning and zoning department and passed as a zoning ordinance by a municipality.

Codifying zoning laws as a separate volume or as part of the Code of Ordinance allows for future changes to be incorporated easily without the need for reprinting the entire document.

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Printing and Distribution

Our in-house printing department allows us to quickly respond to your needs for printed copies of your code and supplement pages. 3-Ring binder and loose leaf pages make it easy to insert and remove only the pages changed within an update, providing cost savings and eliminating the need to reprint entire chapters or the entire code.

We ship with both UPS and the USPS and provide tracking information so you know when your order will arrive.

Subscription and Marketing Services

We offer the general public, including law firms, libraries, engineers, inspectors, and other associated officials the ability to purchase codes in print or digital format. We can market your code to relevant parties upon request. Annual subscriptions to a code provide access to all supplemental updates published to the code.

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We've helped hundreds of municipalities codify laws since our inception more than 80 years ago, and we would like to bring that experience to your next project.

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